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Who is running trail cams right now? Post up some recent pix. ...

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Anyone been shooting any good fish lately? I haven't been yet this year, so show me what you got and post up some pix. This pix is one of my favorites from last summer. It was taken on a night that I was shooting by myself with Tina Scott running the video camera. I shot so many big bigheads right after the other that I quit around 1 a.m. because I was wore out! ...

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Anyone else having turkey hunting withdrawals? We had a great season, strictly with archery equipment. Of course with a few coulda/shoulda/woulda moments thrown in. ...

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Hot Shot's "Nano Post" release

Hot Shot's "Nano Post" release

Hot Shot Manufacturing's newest release is their Nano Post index finger release.  The release is bas[Read More]