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Rumor has it that another big buck has hit the ground for an Aim Low team member. ...

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I don't even know what we were thinking. Well, I do...Billy Wheeler saw a couple big bucks on this field last night and I passed up a decent one. I hate hunting in the rain and rarely do it. To be perfectly honest, I would have slept in if not for all the gear i left in the tree last night. You gotta love my expensive camera cover tho, right? ...

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Opening day of Missouri’s Rifle Season was one for the memory books! Over 430 inches of antlers dropped within 4 hours making it one of the most memorable hunts that I have ever had! My good buddy Justin Forget shot a dandy 147” 11 pt early Saturday morning about a half hour from the Farm! He was just finishing up taking pictures of his deer when I pulled the trigger on the big 10 pt. I’ve been after this deer all season and actually missed him back in September with Robin Parks. After checking countless trail camera pictures I finally had a good feeling that he might be cruising a certain set of timber on a routine basis. After listening to what I thought was World War III all morning I truly thought that someone else may have gotten him but at 11 am he came cruising by with a doe and that was his fatal mistake! I was so PUMPED! I hunted this deer hard all fall and spent countless hours trying to figure him out! After celebrating and just reminiscing on all the effort I put towards taking this deer at 11:45 my brother in law Shawn Prenger took down a great 8 pointer just a few hundred yards away! About the time Shawn got his buck Justin and his fiancé Lacie showed up at the Farm to take pictures! Everyone was a part of the process! Between dragging deer out of the timber, to telling deer stories and taking great pictures it was truly a day that I will never forget! ...

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Hot Shot's "Nano Post" release

Hot Shot's "Nano Post" release

Hot Shot Manufacturing's newest release is their Nano Post index finger release.  The release is bas[Read More]