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We wanted to see this buck in person to decide if we should shoot or not. Had him at 11 yards last night but decided to hold off. Nice deer but it is early. We also had the last one (with curved brows) at the same distance the opening evening but passed. ...

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What an opening morning hunt in MO for Eric Gregory with Robin behind the camera! As we posted yesterday, we were hoping that the big 8 pointer we had pix of would hold on to his velvet for one more day and come past our stand. Well...he was a no show, as was all deer. About the time we thought the morning was a bust, some does and smaller bucks came past us eating acorns and guess who was at the back of the bunch and still in velvet...Yep the same 8 pointer. To say this buck was careful and completely observant of his surroundings and the actions of all the other deer is an understatement. In the end, he stopped in one of Eric's shooting lanes at about 25 yards and soon enough we were celebrating. Celebration turned into a lot of hard work as we worked against time and heat to preserve the velvet antlers and the meat. So worth it though! #hotshotmanufacturing #ishootxpedition #vortexoptics ...

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While we have our fingers crossed hoping we get a shot at the droptine buck we have posted...there are a few other bucks that we hope to cross paths with as well. Velvet is coming off fast the last few days. ...

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Hot Shot's "Nano Post" release

Hot Shot's "Nano Post" release

Hot Shot Manufacturing's newest release is their Nano Post index finger release.  The release is bas[Read More]