Pro Staff

Owner and Founder

Robin Parks, Hillsboro, MO

Robin is a environmental engineer in real life. He is also a father to daughter, Kristen, and son, Zac. Before making the move to form Aim Low Productions, he had been involved with several bowfishing videos and television shows. Those experiences fired up the desire needed for filming in the outdoors. Robin has been on several manufacturer’s pro-staffs in the past, and many of those past relationships have continued on with Aim Low.  Several Aim Low partners count on him for their staff coordination and for product design and development input.  He has successfully hunted for deer, turkeys, bear, hogs, javelinas, moose, small game, and of course, lots and lots of trophy fish including some records. You will find outdoor articles written by Robin published in past editions of several publications.

Pro Staff Members

Eric Gregory, MO
Eric made the commitment to be a part of Aim Low in 2006. He has been a great asset behind the camera filming fish and even came out in front of it to take some of his biggest fish and deer ever. Eric has been hunting for many years, successfully taking many species with both gun and bow. For the last 5 of those years, he has also had an interest in filming. On his involvement with us, Eric said, “What I like about filming and hunting with Aim Low is the chance to share in the moment of excitement with others, and the challenge of catching it all on film. ”

Dereck Depew, MO
Dereck joined Aim Low in late 2012.  Bowfishing is Dereck’s passion, but hunting is on his mind come fall as well.  In 2013, he laid down some great footage for his first ever hunt on video, and self videoed it no less!  He is hooked now and says he can’t wait to hit the water and be a part of some Aim N Low bowfishing.  Dereck has enjoyed learning the business side of the company and also hopes to be a part of the editing process.

Tina White, MO
Tina first became involved with Aim Low by running the video camera on a few of Robin’s spring turkey hunts.  Her interest grew fast, first into filming deer hunts and then into a couple of her first hunts of her own.  She has taken a big boar in FL and most recently a spring turkey with her bow. Tina is definitely hooked on hunting, videoing, and photography so look for her to be more and more involved.

Chris Redell,  MO
Chris met Robin through work and after talking a few times threw out the ole “If you ever need a cameraman…”.  With experience behind the camera for perhaps the most well known outdoors television show of our time, of course we took him up on it.  Chris is also an accomplished hunter and particularly enjoys planting food plots and using trail cameras in his year round whitetail addiction.

Billy Wheeler, IL
Eric introduced Billy to the group and he fits in perfectly.  He lives in prime whitetail country and has quietly taken advantage of it, learning what it takes to become one of those guys that puts big bucks down every single year.  Billy is no stranger to the video camera either, and was able to be behind the camera for one of Eric’s bucks last fall.  He won’t brag about himself but hopefully Aim Low can bring some of his accomplishments to our followers via pix and video.

Tony Garner, IL
Tony and Robin have been good friends for a long time and he has helped Aim Low out behind the scenes often.  We are excited to have him be a visible part of our team now.  Like Billy, Tony also lives in prime whitetail country and has the bucks on the wall to prove it.  Another trait he shares with Billy is how humble he is about his success.

Chet Maxcy and Charlie Peck, FL
After swapping a hog hunt for a MO deer hunt, the Aim Low Team soon became good friends with these boys from FL and asked them to join the Aim Low staff.  Chet and Charlie have been hunting together for many years and have become bitten by the video bug.  Along with Osceola turkeys, hogs, and deer in FL, they often travel to the midwest to deer hunt as well.  Since joining the Aim Low staff in 2009, they have captured some great hunts on video.

Kristen Parks, Hillsboro, MO
Those that have followed Aim Low for a while will remember a kid named Kristen that appeared as a youth staff member.  Well…as much as dad hates to admit it, Kristen is now 221 and just a “staff” member.  Kristen has had many kills on video as she grew up and recently bowfished for her first fish.  She has also been very important behind the scenes with graphical design work for both Aim Low as well as some of our sponsors.

Zac Parks, Hillsboro, MO
Then there is that kid that many Aim Low fans watched take his first deer with resounding “YEAH” yelled out at the shot. Since then, Zac has had many kills and all of them on video.  Being a college student with a focus on music takes up much of his time, but after trying bowfishing for the first time last summer, look for Zac to tag along more and more.