About Us

Hey Everyone,

I started Aim Low Productions, LLC back in 2004, with the help of one of my good friends. After helping make some bowfishing videos and television shows with some other companies, we set out to see if we could spend a summer filming our bowfishing and share it with others in a way that no one had done before.  That idea brought about our first DVD, Aim’ n Low Volume I, “Bowfishing Like You’ve Never Seen”. The feedback was tremendous and we rolled on from there.  Before long one bowfishing DVD turned into 3 along with a hunting DVD.  After one successful season on outdoor network television, I decided to use the internet and social media as the platform to share our videos, pictures and adventures. Although now and then we are involved with television shows such as North American Hunter Television, these days Aim Low is made up of a team of close friends that just love to share our hunts and bowfishing trips via video, social media, and photographs.  Many friends have helped along the way with Aim Low for the last 11 years and many new friends have been made because of Aim Low.  It has truly been a great ride that I plan to continue for years to come.

Of course, my sponsors play a big part in what we are able to share with our followers. I don't do this for a living and that allows me to pick and choose who I partner up with.  I have been extremely fortunate to form some tight and long lasting partnerships with great companies that have fantastic people behind them.  We specialize in development and coordination of prostaff programs, product R&D (I am an engineer in real life), and even help with customer service.  Taking these roles with some of my partners has allowed Aim Low to become much more than just a "production" company.  

Thanks for checking us out.  Be sure to hit us up on Facebook and feel free to contact me anytime.  Good luck to everyone doing whatever it is you love to do in the outdoors!

Robin Parks