Hot Shot’s “Nano Post” release

Hot Shot Manufacturing’s newest release is their Nano Post index finger release.  The release is based on their popular Nano release (which I have personally used for the last couple years).   As the name “Post” indicates, this Nano attaches to the wrist strap via post as compared to the orignal nylon strap.  The post itself is micro adjustable to get the length exactly where the shooter likes it.  I found that once set, their was no way the post would move.  The post swivels and also can be folded back flat against your wrist.  I found it very handy to tuck it back and under my sleeve when climbing in and out of my stand, pulling my bow up, etc.

The real beauty of this release, much like all of the Hot Shot line up, is when you shoot it.  Smooth and crisp are words that describe the release but I am not sure describe it to the fullest extent.  The trigger tension is adjustable from “hard” to “hair” and there simply is no trigger travel.  This release is a winner for those that want the best quality index finger release available…and at an affordable price to boot!    I used the Nano Post to take the NE double bearded turkey this spring pictured below.


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